E-Commerce Insights

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Retail Insights

Power Retail market research covers a broad range of key topics impacting online retail in Australia. Based on interviews with our panel of more than 1 million Australian shoppers and 12,500 retailers and industry suppliers, our monthly Reports provide the insights you need to drive e-commerce growth and profit.

Content includes:

  • Let's Regrow Town Hall Report
  • The 2020 E-Commerce Leaders' Playbook
  • Trajectory Report
  • Amazon Year 2
  • Discounting
  • Delivery
  • Influencers

Shopper Profiles

Each profile includes 50+ charts describing the online shoppers needs, behaviours and attitudes. Online Shopper Profiles available or coming up soon include:

  • Fast Fashion
  • Homewares
  • Health & Beauty Products
  • Small Technology and Devices
  • Luxury Fashion and Accessories

Learning Resources

After more than a decade as a thought leader in Australian online retailing, Power Retail has built a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Our Learning Resources include more than 50 Whitepapers, Special Reports, E-Commerce Books, Website Best Practice Guides and Tip Sheets. Whether you’re optimising your website to drive conversion, developing a digital marketing strategy or investing in a new e-commerce platform, our Learning Resources have got you covered.