Homebodii Works to Improve the Lives of Foster Kids

April Davis By April Davis | 11 Jul 2018

Homebodii is teaming up with Australian celebrities to support The Pyjama Foundation, an organisation supporting teenagers in foster care.

The bridal loungewear company will be holding a workshop that’s designed to help improve the lives of children living in foster care. During the workshop, the teenagers involved will reportedly learn about life skills and self-confidence, in a welcoming environment that promotes fun and inclusive learning.

“Workshops such as this which promote a sense of self-worth and allow these young women to hear from other inspiring women are absolutely priceless,” said Bronwyn Sheehan, the founder of The Pyjama Foundation.

According to Sheehan, the number of children in foster care is rising each year, and without support from everyday Australians and businesses like Homebodii, their futures might not be as bright.

“Currently there are more than 51,000 children in foster care, and statistics show that approximately 32,250 of these children will not complete high school,” she said.

Homebodii founder

Ingrid Bonnor, the founder and head designer at Homebodii. Source: supplied.

This is something that Ingrid Bonnor, Homebodii’s founder and designer finds particularly heartbreaking. She believes it’s important for these children to have adult mentors that can help empower them and improve their learning outcomes.

“We are very excited to be supporting The Pyjama Foundation with workshops that will not only educate but inspire young women,” she said.

Guest speakers at the workshop will reportedly include former TV presenter, Natalie Gruzlewski, radio host, Heather Maltman and fitness guru, Sophie Guidolin. Homebodii has plans in place to make this workshop the first of many, as it works towards building its relationship with and showing support of the work The Pyjama Foundation does.

Homebodii’s workshop for children in foster care will be held at its head office on the Gold Coast on Thursday.

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