Online Marketplace AHAlife Launches Gift Buying App

By Sam Gopal | 28 Jan 2016

AHAlife launches gifting app to international markets to allow consumers to send gifts by SMS from both iOS and Android devices

AHAlife Holdings Limited, an online marketplace for curated luxury products, globally expanded the launch of its US gifting app this week, now allowing people all over the world to send and receive gifts by SMS in less than 60 seconds. 

The free AHA app was initially launched in the US in November, available only on iOS as a test before global expansion. This initial success and demand for Android and international access resulted in an acceleration of the global launch.  The AHA app can be found by searching for “AHAlife”, and is now available in both iOS and Android, approximately 96 percent of the global smartphone market. 

AHAlife, which is listed on the Australian share market, says the app capitalises on the continued growth of mobile shopping and has already been downloaded more than 10,000 times. Through the AHAlife technology platform, AHAlife delivers a highly curated gift shopping experience that is streamlined and mobile-optimised so people can find and send a gift to anyone in under 60 seconds. The gift recipient then receives an SMS inviting them to ‘unwrap’ their gift on their phone. 

Since launching in the US twelve weeks ago, the AHA app has proven to be successful in engaging and converting users for AHAlife, delivering double the conversion rate as compared to the AHAlife website and approximately 4x the engagement rate as compared to the website.  Currently the app – with a little over a month of active marketing – has more than 10,000 downloads. The app is transformative to the AHAlife platform adding a new high-growth market channel, with faster and more effective conversion from acquired user to paid customer. 

Shauna Mei, CEO of AHAlife said: “The initial success of the AHA app has confirmed to us the consumer need for a simple and effective way of giving a gift. It opens up the global gifting market for us, worth more than US$200 billion in the US alone. This added scale plus the more rapid conversion from user to paying customer should be a significant driver in further growth of our business.”  

Sachin Devand, CTO and President of AHAlife added, “Mobile shopping is fast becoming the new norm for e-commerce. It is growing so rapidly that it is predicted global mobile e-commerce sales in 2018 will be equal to that of all e-commerce sales achieved in 2013, around US$638 billion. This is a huge opportunity for us and investing in development and technology to become a mobile-first company is a priority to capitalise on this new and increasing consumer behaviour.” 

“We’re proud, but not surprised, with what we’ve achieved since releasing the AHAlife app in the US. The speed that we have been able to take the app from just one platform in one country to the two dominant platforms in more than 144 countries around the world really demonstrates the ability of our technology team. We are an agile organisation with some of the world’s best technologists. We have applied the best e-commerce technology in the world to the AHAlife platform and now we’ve created an app that is the first of its kind.” 


The app is opening up the global gifting market to AHALife

AHAlife has experienced rapid and continued growth in both user numbers and revenue with growing consumer awareness. Since the company’s listing on the ASX in July 2015, new customer acquisition initiatives and sophisticated and highly effective data-driven customer targeting have accelerated growth. 

The app has been designed to solve three common problems people have when buying a gift for a loved one: they often forget when people’s birthdays are; they don’t know what to buy them; and they don’t know the address of the person to post it to them. 

Through the AHAlife gifting app, users will be reminded when a loved one’s birthday is coming up and then asked to define the person by interests. For example, are they a ‘foodie’, ‘fashionista’, or ‘tech lover’? From there, they are served a selection of curated luxury gift ideas to pick from, based on the personality type they picked. Once the person finds a gift, they can send it to their friend via text message. 

The gift recipient will receive a link in the text message to ‘unwrap’ their present online. They can choose to accept it or exchange it for something else on the AHAlife marketplace for a similar value, without the gift-giver knowing. Once the recipient selects their gift, they’ll be prompted to enter their address so the gift can be delivered. 

The entire experience is fully optimised for mobile, meaning gifts can be easily sent and received on the go, wherever and whenever people need. 

For more information on how the app works, check out the video here. 

You can download the app from the Apple App Store and Google Play by searching for AHAlife.

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