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Practicology’s Martin Newman: Future of E-Tail

Martin Newman, founder and executive chairman of e-commerce and multichannel retail consultancy Practicology knows retail better than most, after owning the P&L of direct mail, e-commerce, mobile and call centre channels for a number of...

By Martin Newman | 07 Mar 2017
PAIN RELIEF: Evaluating E-Commerce Platforms

There are so many e-commerce platforms to choose from and we're not exactly sure which one will suit our needs. Is there a checklist of essential criteria for selecting the right platform? What should we...

By Martin Newman | 01 Dec 2010
PAIN RELIEF: What to place above the fold?

I know I need to keep some critical elements of my site above the fold, but I obviously can't have everything there. What are the absolute essentials and can you show me some examples of...

By Martin Newman | 04 Nov 2010
PAIN RELIEF: Multi-multi-multi-multichannel minefield

There seems to be this massive push to have loads of social media channels for the customer to get to us (eg. Facebook, Twitter) plus our traditional channels plus, plus, plus! I get that we...

By Martin Newman | 26 Oct 2010
Top tips for Xmas trading online

Are you ready for Christmas trading online? Martin Newman, CEO of Practicology, shares an awesome checklist to help online retailers make the most of the busiest shopping season.

By Martin Newman | 19 Oct 2010
PAIN RELIEF: Capturing Customer Data

Everything I read about best practice says I shouldn't make my customers register before purchasing, but if that is the norm, what other ways do you suggest to build a quality database?

By Martin Newman | 13 Oct 2010
PAIN RELIEF: Cross-channel pricing and promotions

One of our biggest challenges is managing pricing across channels - online pricing vs in-store pricing vs catalogue pricing. Is price matching across all channels our only option? Any good ideas for managing cross-channel pricing?

By Martin Newman | 06 Oct 2010
PAIN RELIEF: Demystifying the Testing Process

Testing mystifies me. I know I should be testing more, but not sure how to optimise that process for the maximum benefit. How can I improve my testing effectiveness?

By Martin Newman | 29 Sep 2010
PAIN RELIEF: Free shipping or not?

How do I determine the right pricing model for shipping? Is free shipping a must?

By Martin Newman | 21 Sep 2010
PAIN RELIEF: The Franchised Multichannel Dilemma

One of the biggest barriers to going multichannel is that we have a combination of corporate stores and franchisees. What models work best in getting buy-in to the e-commerce idea from all stakeholders?

By Martin Newman | 13 Sep 2010
PAIN RELIEF: Ratings & Reviews

What strategic implications - good and bad - can ratings and reviews have? Doc Martin delivers practical pain relief.

By Martin Newman | 24 Aug 2010